The sacred land of the ancient Anasazi is home to the intuitive healer Dr. Sat Siri. Surrounded by the high desert mesas and majestic mountain ranges of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo, she gathers inspiration and energy from the nature and beauty all around her, as well as from her deep inner divine meditation. Yogi heart light shining on cliff

She opens to the vast and wondrous realm of human consciousness – and shares information that assists you to heal and transform your life. Intuitively, she is able to delve into deep inner spaces providing light in the darkness of fears and limitations. Filled with a sense of adventure and fun, she invites you to journey into wholeness.


Sun through the clouds over the Jemez.

Full Moon Rising over mesas and mountains

Full Moon Rising over mesas and mountains

RDP Rainbow

Rainbow with Sangre de Cristo mountains in the distance.